Currently we are only accepting new dogs under 30 pounds.

Val's Story

About Valerie

       Pet grooming has been a passion of mine since 2006. I graduated from the "PetSmart" academy during that same year. I started as a standard groomer and worked my way up to department manager of their grooming department in one of their stores. I also was a lead trainer for new groomers who were fresh out of their training program. My overall experience at PetSmart was rewarding and I am grateful for the training I received there during my tenure.   

       New circumstances and life events enabled me to depart from PetSmart. I focused mainly on my family and I still did grooming for close friends and family. Early last year my fiancé and I were both talking about the goals we had and what we plan to do for the future. It was during this conversation when Val's Mobile Grooming was brainstormed. 

        My journey into the Val's Mobile Grooming business venture began in March of 2014. I already knew some of the pain points that customers experienced during my department manager venture so I made it a point to alleviate as many of those concerns as I could. 

        One of the main pain points for many customers was the fact that their pets had to be kenneled alongside with other owner’s pets. Another pain point was that pet owners had to plan a day around waiting for a groom to be performed and completed. Although I built a great rapport with my customers at PetSmart they really did not know who I was, nor could they receive a true consultation about their pets needs during the process.

          Val's Mobile Grooming resolves all those concerns I listed above. Pets are groomed in the comforts of their home or in their back yard. They do not have to be in a Kennel nor do they have to interact with other foreign pets. The pet owner also receives a full consultation with me prior to services being performed which ensures accuracy and customer satisfaction. The owner does not have to take their pet anywhere outside of their home to receive my service.

Advantages of using Val's Mobile Grooming

  • More consultation time is administered with the customer
  • The pets are much more comfortable in their home setting
  • The pet owners experience convenience of not having to take their pets in their vehicles to the groomers.
  • Val's Mobile Grooming simply is just more time efficient

​           One of the common and most gratifying compliments that I receive is when a pet owner is surprised about how well their pet behaved during the grooming process. At that point I know I am making a difference for not only the pet owner but also for their pet. That is what Val's Mobile Grooming is about at its core.

 Val's Mobile Grooming is Registered with the State of Arizona No.: 621968